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The BHS Alumni Association

The Banton High School Alumni Association (BHSAA) is an association of the graduates of the Banton High School, the Banton Municipal High School and the Banton National High School. Its main objective is to be of help to the members, to the Alma mater and the Bantoanon Community. Membership is by class or batch.

During the 2008 Grand Alumni Homecoming, homecomers decided to create an alumni association and subsequently elected fifteen members to serve as the association's Board of Directors, as follows (with their committee desingation):

Lyndon Fadri - President & Public Relations Commitee Chair

Jude Dario Fadri - Vice-President & Organization Development Committee Chair

Rica Familara - Secretary & Membership Committee Chair

Mimi Fababeir - Treasurer

Fanny Fabul - Auditor

Nicanor Ferranco - Academic Affairs Committee Chair

Ernesto Fano, Jr. - Sports Committee Co-Chair

Pazramer Fadrilan - Sports Committee Co-Chair

Kerr Flores - Socials Committee Chair

Carl Vincent Festin - Community Affairs Committee Chair

Leovigildo Ferranco - Banton Coordinating Committee Co-Chair

Fr. Cleopedy Fabonan - Banton Coordinating Committee Co-Chair

Siegland Fababeir - Socials Committee Co-Chair

Darryl Julian Famatigan - Ad Hoc Committee Chair

Gilbert Falquerabao - Area Coordinator for Romblon, Romblon