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The newly-elected directors of the Banton High School Alumni Association (BHSAA) finally elected from among themselves the new set of officers of the organization in a brief meeting during the Biniray celebration at Villa Excellance Beach Resort on September 20, 2010.


Elected officers were  James Fadrilan, President; Chris Fiecas, Vice-President; Vic Fabul, Secretary; Aloy Familara, Treasurer; and Darry Fabellon, Auditor.


Committee chairmanships were also filled in as follows: James Fadrilan and Kerr Flores for Academic Affairs; Rodil Fadri and Boyet Famarin for Civic Affairs; Jude Fadri and Lito Fabrero for Organizational Development; Rey Noe Fabic and Pazramer Fadrilan for Sports; Lyndon Fadri and Dennis Martinquilia for Public Relations; Darry Fabellon and Chris Fiecas for Membership; Rica Familara and Dodong Ferranco for Socials; and Marivic Fabul for Banton Coordination.


The new set of officers will serve until May 31, 2012.