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The Banton High School Alumni Association laid out its plans for the rest of its term during the meeting held at Makati City on May 24, 2009. Each committee also reported its financial status and its activities for the past fiscal year.  It also approved the proposal to hold a fund-raising concert and chose the first recipient of the BHSAA College Scholarship Grant.


The following members were present in the most well-attended meeting so far: Lyndon Fadri, Jude Fadri, Rica Familara, Rinzi Fadrilan, Pazramer Fadrilan, Sieglend Fababeir, Gilbert Falquerabao and Leoving Ferranco.


The plans, by committee, are as follows:


Membership Committee:

1. Intensify membership recruitment tap the team leaders to help in the recruitment; set up recruitment booths in all BHSAA activities; require BOD members to ensure that their respective classes become members by the end of June and to recruit at least 1 more by the end of July.

2. Complete list of members


Organizational Development Committee

1. Registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission

2. Team-building in Dec. 2009

3. Documentation of internal rules and procedures

4. Leadership training


Sports Committee

1. Continue with Inter-batch Basketball Tournament

2. Participate in the organization of a Banton Basketball Association


Civic Affairs Committee (as e-mailed)

1. Continue with the Medical Mission

2. Conduct gift-giving activities


Academic Affairs Committee

1. Introduce scholarship for Techvoc course in 2010

2. Printing of guidebooks on scholarships, tuition-free colleges and other subsidized programs

3. Scholarship / College admission review sessions for Senior and Junior students

4. Help in the establishment of a fully functional Computer Learning Center in the BNHS

5. Career orientations for Juniors, Seniors, Teachers and Parents (both BNHS and TNHS)

6. Newspaper and magazine subscription for BNHS

7. Ensure that awards provided by private and government entities reach BNHS

8. Distribution of pins to all graduating students


Public Relations Committee

1. Continue improvements of and timely updates to the website

2. Enhance membership list to include short description as well as pictures

3. Put up a PR club with a chapter in BNHS members will be trained media-related skills such as news writing, photography, website publishing, etc. Three seminars were slated, one to be conducted at BNHS.

4. Help in the publication of The Diorite

5. Continue with greetings and recognitions in tarpaulins / website

6. Place ad in major Bantoanon publications


Socials Committee Head Kerr Flores told the BOD that the committee may lie low as he is the president of the Homecoming Class 2000.  Instead, he proposed collaboration with BHSAA on a gift-giving project in December and holding of another Intercolors. Academic Affairs Committee Co-chair Rinzi Fadrilan also asked him to collaborate in the Career Orientation Seminar.


Secretary and Treasure Rica Familara reported total collection of P 16,000.00 without expenses coming from the membership fees of Classes 59, 80, 87, 88, 94, 97, 00 and 02 (the other Member Classes 03, 04, 05, 06, 08 and 55 are exempted from membership fees). The Scholarship fund stood at P 17,500.00. All committees reported almost even revenues and expenses.


Academic Affaris Committee Co-Chair Rinzi Fadrilan presented five applicants for the scholarship grant. After a thorough deliberation, the Board chose Hensel Rene Fabrolina.


The Board also approved a proposal for a fund-raising concert of all Bantoanon talents featuring 1622 - Unang Usbor to be jointly sponsored with 2009 Biniray. The concert is tentatively set on July 18, 2009 at the Arellano University Gym. The BHSAA's share in the proceeds of the concert shall be used to augment the Scholarship Fund and the Medical Fund.  


A summary of the activities and projects done in the past fiscal year are as follows:

1. Holding of the Induction Ball and Christmas Party (Socials Committee)

2. Holding of the Intercolors (Sports Committee)

3. Donation of Sports equipment (Sports Committee)

4. Conduct of the Medical Mission (Civic Affairs Committee)

5. Ratification of the Constitution and By-laws (Organizational Development Committee)

6. Launching of website and regular updates (Public Relations Committee)

7. Logo and Shirt Design Contest / T-shirt Printing (Public Relations Committee)

8. Recognition of Board Passers and new Scholars, and various greetings in the website and in tarpaulin banners (Public Relations Committee)

9. Putting up of the College Scholarship Fund and Selection of the first scholar (BOD with the Academic Affairs Committee)


The term of office of the present Board will expire on May 31, 2010.