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The Board of Directors discussed the proposed By-Laws of the association as prepared by the Organizational Development Committee (ODC) in a marathon meeting on March 7, 2009 at Feliciano F. Miravite, Inc. Office, Makati City. Present during the meeting were Lyndon Fadri, Jude Fadri, Rinzi Fadrilan and Nic Ferranco. On proxy were Carl Festin, Kerr Flores, Leovigildo Ferranco, Pazramer Fadrilan, Gilbert Falquerabao and Fanny Fabul. Guests from the Civic Affairs Committee (Irene Fababeir-Briones, Chenia Glenn Fortu, Ilen Fabrero) and the PR Committee (Dante Fadriquela) were also present.


Vice-President and ODC Chair Jude Fadri presided over the discussion on the proposed By-Laws. Revisions were agreed upon. ODC will have to revise the By-Laws accordingly for exposure in this website. The By-Laws for ratification by class representatives on Holy Thursday in Banton.


CAC Vice-Chair Irene Fababeir-Briones updated the Board of the status of the medical mission to be held in  Brgy. Nasunogan on Black Saturday, April 11. She reported that medicines are practically covered with the help of Congressman Madrona and that there are already two volunteer alumni doctors, namely, Dr. Chito Ferrera (Class 87) and Dr. Edmund Fababeir (Class 88). She reported that the committee has gathered around P 17,000 in funds but fund-raising is still on-going to ensure that logistics will be fully covered.


Meanwhile, the Board and the guests served as judges in the logo and shirt design contest. Logo Entry No. 2 (by Mark Kristian Fabella) and Shirt Design No. 10 (by Randy Ferros) were chosen.


The other motions carried were:

1. Greeting the new batch of graduates through a banner

2. Implementation of the Scholarship Program this coming school year

3. Giving of medals to honor students (1st year to 3rd year)

4. Institutionalization of Career Orientation Seminar and Seminar on Scholarship / Subsidized Programs offered by various institutions

5. Administration of oath-taking rites to new graduates during the graduation ceremonies.