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GREENHORNS... Proud sponsor of the 2009 Inter-Batch Basketball Tournament


Intercolors Start April 4


Basketball and volleyball hostilities in the upcoming BHSAA Inter-colors will start on April 4, 2009 with a parade around the main streets of Poblacion. The start date was finalized during the Sports Committee meeting on Sunday, March 15, 2009 in Manila.


Also during the meeting, colors were assigned to the teams as follows: 0 red, 1 yellow, 2 blue, 3 white, 4 orange, 5 purple, 6 green, 7 pink, 8 gray and 9 black. An entry fee of P 2,000 shall be assessed from each team. Uniforms should bear the name BHSAA. There is no limit as to the number of players for as long as only at most 15 players will play in each game.


Present duing the meeting were: Kerr Flores  & Jeremie Fajut  (2000), Vlady Fabic (2001), Jaycee Fatallo (2004), Dyrell Faigao & Dylan Jay Feudo (2005), Von Fadri (1993), Ramer Fadrilan (1983), Ricarte Faderanga (1997), Junjie Fabic (2007) and Rodil Fadri (1990).